24 March 2021


INVITATION: Jyll Bradley 'Strange Loops', livestream event from New York

March 24th 6.30pm EST

INVITATION: Jyll Bradley 'Strange Loops', livestream event from New York

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Sounds & Stories: Anna Clyne and Jyll Bradley presented by Orchestra of St Luke's

This special program spotlights Anna Clyne’s geometric collaboration with visual artist Jyll Bradley. Clyne’s world premiere work, Strange Loops, is based on a concept developed by cognitive science scholar Douglas Hofstadter in his book “I am a Strange Loop,” where he explores his own sense of “I.” Clyne has also curated accompanying musical selections for this program by Johann Sebastian Bach and Steve Reich, two of her musical inspirations, who lend their contrapuntal voices to this examination of geometric music. Our second Sounds and Stories program will also feature the world premiere of Jyll Bradley’s film, “Woman Holding a Balance,” which features music composed for the film by Clyne. Known for her public art installations that emphasize the interaction of natural light with her artistic medium, Bradley’s work combines the formalities of the Minimalism with an extremely personal exploration of identity and space.

Pay what you can through the OSL music site.