27 July 2022


MULTI-SITE PROJECT: Dryden Goodwin 'Breathe: 2022'

A multi-site artwork commissioned by The Albany for 'We Are Lewisham' London Borough of Culture 2022. Produced by Invisible Dust.

All over Lewisham until 18th December

MULTI-SITE PROJECT: Dryden Goodwin 'Breathe: 2022'

Reimagining and extended his artwork 'Breathe', that was shown opposite the Houses of Parliament in 2012, for which he drew 1,300 of drawings of his then 5-year-old son breathing. 10 years on Goodwin has created a new body of drawings of local activists from his home borough who are ’fighting for breath’, urgently challenging and pushing for change to improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Taking over buildings and bridges close to the heavily polluted South Circular Road, zoetropic poster sequences will remain in public spaces in Lewisham until December. Culminating as a large-scale animation of over 1,000 drawings, projected onto the Old Town Hall in Catford. Other aspects of the project include still and moving digital posters that have been shown across London and in other parts of the country at over 200 sites next to road sides and at railway stations. 90 of the original drawings are being shown at the Wellcome Collection, as part of their new exhibition 'In the Air', open to the public until October 2022. Sequences of posters will also appear along Euston Road as part of the Bloomsbury Festival in October 2022. The London Borough of Culture is backed by the Mayor of London.

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Breathe: 2022, a multi-site artwork by Dryden Goodwin, commissioned by The Albany for ’We Are Lewisham’- London Borough of Culture 2022. Goodwin has been working with Invisible Dust who produced the project.

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Image: Courtesy Dryden Goodwin