Laura Põld lives and works in Tallinn. The artist is interested in specific histories and locations which are highlighted through her choice of materials. Often, she combines craft-based disciplines like ceramics and embroidery with natural materials such as edible plants, soil, and clay to create installations that co-evolve over the period of an exhibition. The work also originates from cultural rituals, such as the customs of serving food or hosting guests, and several collaborative projects and exhibitions have emerged from this influence. Põld studied at the Department of Sculptural Conceptions and Ceramics, University of Art and Design in Linz. She is a recipient of numerous awards including the grand prize, The Cultural Endowment of Estonia (2018). Currently, Põld is an Associate Professor in Ceramics at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

'Hello from within', 2019-2022, nails and thread. ars viva 2022 – Agents of Perception, Kai Art Centre, Tallinn. Installation view. Photography: Albert Kerstna.

Laura Põld, Natural Shelter, 2019. Installation of ceramic sculptures, Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale 2019, Fiskars, Finland. Photography: Paul Kuimet

Laura Põld, Doing What They Do Best, 2021. Tufted yarn, plywood, Kunstraum Memphis, Linz. Photography: Marek Mäemets

Laura Põld, Wasteland. The Phosphorite War, 2021-2022. Ceramics, smoke machines. Attic Hall, Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz Photography: Albert Kerstna

Laura Põld, The leaves moved and you faded into the pattern of grass and shadows, and I returned smiling and haunted, to a dark morning, 2022. wool, burlap, rope. Photography: Albert Kerstna.