Laura Gannon (b 1972, Galway) lives and works in London. Working across a wide span of media, from film and installation to painting and sculpture, her films frequently feature modernist interiors that hint at a disquieting narrative around a seen or imagined female protagonist. A corporeal quality distinguishes her recent large metallic-painted panels which Gannon subjects to manoeuvres that pertain as much to dress-making as to sculpture – cutting, folding, and cinching. Although abstract in appearance, her works on linen reference the buildings and furniture of female designers including Eileen Gray and Lina Bo Bardi. Recent exhibitions include solo shows at VISUAL, Carlow, Ireland (2019-2020), Kate MacGarry, London (2018) and Espace Croisé, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Roubaix (2016).

Naas Telephone Exchange, 2019, Ink on linen, 400 x 210cm. Installation view: VISUAL Carlow, Ireland 2019. Photographer: Ros Kavanagh

MASP, 2021, Iridescent acrylic on linen, 176cm x 69cm. Photographer: Ben Westoby

Installation view, Espace Croise Centre du Art Contemporian, France, 2016. Photographer: Lewis Ronald

Know your body, 2020, Acrylic and ink on linen, 120cm x 54cm. Photographer: Ben Westoby

S, Installation view: Group exhibition, Making and Momentum, Marie de Ville, Roquebrune, France. Photographer: Richard Malone