Veronique de Champvallier Parke is a Franco-American collector and philanthropist who grew up in France and has spent her adult life living internationally, sharing time with her husband and family between London, Paris and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She has established a strong commitment to the arts through her leadership in various arts organisations, including Outset (Trustee), Fluxus Art Projects (Vice Chairman), and The Drawing Room (Chair of the Advisory Board). Having earned her law degree in France and her MBA from the Stern School, NYU, Veronique has combined her professional skills with her personal passions to develop a track record of nurturing both successful arts organisations and the thriving careers of artists whose work she has collected and followed.

Having unexpectedly inherited the ancestral home in Charente, France, Veronique sought a way to breathe new life into it while honouring the centuries-long family history it has sheltered. Convinced of the forward-looking and innovating nature of artists, Veronique determined to remodel the grounds to accommodate the artists who could assure the property of a dynamic future. Likeminded in their passion for supporting emerging artists and engaging in the creative process more directly, Veronique and Sarah Elson, founder of Launch Pad, joined forces in 2017, to establish Launch Pad LaB.