Launch Pad is delighted to announce the second edition of Launch Pad LaB, its residency programme in Charente, France, commencing the first of September for 7 weeks, with selected artists Jyll Bradley, Simon Callery and Mary Ramsden.

Jyll Bradley’s work reflects her interest in the human connection to plants and the architectural structures that support green growth, such as greenhouses and hop gardens. Simon Callery’s large canvases often bear the physical evidence of the landscape and his surroundings, from his studio in East London, to an excavation site in North Wales. Mary Ramsden’s practice is related to a type of abstraction in painting that searches for a dialogue with literature. For the artists, immersing themselves in a rural environment with few familiar points of reference offers possibilities for weaving new narratives in their work.

Each edition of Launch Pad LaB features collateral events, bringing the artists’ research and processes to the attention of invited curators, collectors, and other professionals in the art world.