Launch Pad is pleased to announce the resident artists for the third edition of Launch Pad LaB (28 April – 11 June, 2019): Nicolas Deshayes, Ludovica Gioscia and Henning Hamilton.

Nicolas Deshayes’ sculptures often formally elide familiar industrial plumbing elements – radiators, sanitary ware, and public fountains – with their living equivalents – bodily orifices, concavities, and organs. With painterly choices of colour and industrially-produced hygienic surfaces, Deshayes emphasises that these objects’ shiny perfect surfaces are a foil for their unsightly or unacknowledged labour – in the context of our civic societies as well as our physical bodies.

Recognised for her colourful and immersive installations, Ludovica Gioscia uses a wide variety of materials, including custom-made wallpaper, papier-mâché, ceramics and fabric. Mining resources from fashion to physics, the personal and the historic, Gioscia layers cultural debris, emulating a non-linear methodology made possible by the digital revolution. Her accumulations of source material from the past and the present are constantly being recycled, dis- and re-assembled, in a process that she calls the “infinite present.”

Largely self-taught, Henning Hamilton works loosely within a tradition of assemblage. Scouring the beaches of Kalvö, a small island in the Gothenburg archipelago, Hamilton finds detritus from which he creates colourful and materially varied sculptures. Humorous, pathetic, and unexpectedly monumental, these columnar, plinth-based compositions refer to histories discarded, lost, and ultimately found and reconsidered.