Ever since moving house last December, I’ve been thinking: what makes objects and possessions desirable enough to keep? Even the very idea of <em>desire </em>is curious to me – how can something be the object of one person’s desire, and another’s pure apathy? At Arcade the other evening, artist Paul Simon Richards spoke with curator/writer Sabel Gavaldon. Richards showed his 13 minute film L*A*B. It makes me think more about our physical and emotional relationship with our familiar surroundings. The film is an amalgam of a computer-generated imaginary domestic space, psychedelic close ups of the ordinary objects in the space, and a spoken narrative that gives voice to the meandering and rather antagonistic thoughts of the couple who live in it. Sabel is brilliant at making the work more accessible. His questions to Richards focus on how ordinary objects become desirable as the film’s narrator navigates in the dark through his own familiar flat. It occurs to me that there is a pornographic quality to the way the camera heaps attention on and finds portent in every item that comes into focus. @thisisarcade