01 August 2022


EXHIBITION: Charmaine Watkins 'The Wisdom Tree'

Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds

Until 30th October

EXHIBITION: Charmaine Watkins 'The Wisdom Tree'

Explore the wisdom, strength and resilience of Caribbean women across generations in this new exhibition by London-based artist Charmaine Watkiss.

Part of the Jamaica Society Leads Out of Many Festival which marks 60 years of Jamaican Independence, the exhibition showcases a recent body of work that acknowledges and celebrates the experiences and contributions of people of Jamaican heritage in the UK.

Being Charmaine’s first institutional solo show, The Wisdom Tree includes a number of her signature large-scale drawings as well as more private artworks and notebooks. Highly symbolic, subtle and poetic, Charmaine’s drawings fuse the artist’s interests in herbalism, alchemy and history. Researching the medicinal and physical capabilities of plants, she has personified a matrilineal pantheon of guardians safeguarding and facilitating cross-generational knowledge and empowerment.

Image description:

The Matriarch, 2021 Detail.

Image credit:

Courtesy Charmaine Watkiss