A Thing is Mostly Space

Launch Pad, the London based commissioning art series, will make its debut in New York City in September at the invitation of collector and philanthropist Laura Taft-Paulsen, with a newly commissioned sculpture by Dublin-based artist, Isabel Nolan.

In keeping with previous projects, the new Launch Pad commission is “site sensitive” to the collector’s home and in this case, the environs of TriBeCa. Following the precedent set by the founder in London, Nolan will reside with the collector for a “reconnaissance” visit as well as for the duration of the installation and the public viewing period of the exhibition.

For Launch Pad NYC, Nolan will create an outdoor piece, a “barrier” that will simultaneously disrupt and activate the outdoor spaces. Taking cues from the architecture of the building itself, the work is a sophisticated iterative play on the arch, a form famously characteristic of the cast iron Italianate buildings of Tribeca.

An In-Conversation with the Artist and Kelly Baum, Curator of Post-War and Contemporary Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art took place at the residence on the 29th September 2015.

Isabel Nolan (b. 1974, Dublin) makes work driven by intellectual ambition and the care for crafting material. Science, art, history and literature often serve as points of departure, as she circumnavigates her way to a result that is unpredictable but very distinct to Nolan’s sensibility. Her practice includes sculpture, fabric-hangings, paintings, texts and works on paper. In concert they work to elucidate a consistent line of inquiry into the fundamental question of how meaning is produced.