• Live Feed. 12.00 Noon 14th - 12.00 Noon 15th July

Cabin Fever

A new commission curated by Launch Pad founder Sarah Elson and artist Heman Chong, was the occasion for five international artists to gather for an innovative 24-hour writing workshop on the 14th of July. The artists arrived at 12 noon at Ms Elson’s London residence and spent exactly one full day and night together on site.

The participating artists all make work in which text has played a central role. Through a series of exercises and prompts introduced by Chong, the artists spent the 24 hours generating raw material that will form the basis for five new short stories that the artists will write independently. Their deadline is the 1st of September, and the five resulting stories will be memorialised in a publication, Writing: Cabin Fever to be launched early next year with an In Conversation event open to the public, that will feature a discussion between Heman Chong and a noted speaker, and a performance by artist Benjamin Seror. The publication will be available for purchase at selected bookshops.

The participating artists are Heman Chong (Singapore), who plays the role of co-curator and artist, Travis Jeppesen (Berlin), Isabel Nolan (Dublin), Benjamin Seror (Paris), and Maria Taniguchi (Manila).