Suse Weber (b. 1970, Leipzig) is a Berlin based visual artist whose work focuses on sculpture. In the course of her artistic practice, she developed her own concept of work: the Emblematic Sculpture. The reason for the development of this concept of work since 2000, was the disintegration of political systems in Europe that began in 1990. Having grown up in the GDR, Weber initially explored sculptures and forms of political staging as means of propaganda and ideology. In the course of this work, she encountered then still existent archives and discussion papers which, in contrast to the Western European understanding of sculpture, disclosed a completely different dimension of sculpture. Influenced, as she was at the time, by experimental music and painting, she developed diverse procedures, where the spectator is implicated in the work as a participant to the degree that the sculpture addresses itself to its vis-à-vis.

'In the Emblematic Sculptures, optic and acoustic elements mingle to form operatic performances. Alternatively, image-words are used, which are consciously linked to language (oral history) that investigates the grammar of a sculpture and rotates the relations between artist, audience and work. ... Recently, I have developed so-called Dynamic Templates (multihybrid procedures), which elaborate the tool as such already as a sculpture. Yet they do so in order to allow for a transposition in other artistic disciplines, provoking new methods of cooperation. In order to deepen my research of new methods, I initiated, in 2013, the “Studio/Stage” in my studio in Berlin. It offers a practical space for thought, where questions are shared, tested and further developed together with fellow artists – as a kind of pre-publication.

In 2019, I realized an Emblematic Sculpture in a public space, which explored one motif (the pigeon) over eight weeks. Here, the focus lay on the development of a contemporary narrative method in a globalized world. In cooperation with local associations, the University of Bochum, inhabitants from the area and and international artists friends working with performance and music, there emerged a collective work complex, which gathered, for the first time, my previous procedures within a broader frame.' Suse Weber 2019

Weber lives and works in Berlin. Formel: Marionette has previously been performed at Galerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin, Sprengel Museum, Hannover; Kunstverein Bonn, Bonn, Kunsthalle Lingen, Lingen and Wiels, Brussels.

Formula Society, 2009, Emblematic sculpture, screen printing on PPT-hollow chamber plate, rops, blue barrels, speakers, 5.5 yd x 5.5 yd x 3.82 yd. Galerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin. Photography: Jens Ziehe.

Extras, Formula: Congorama, 2013, Emblematic sculpture and sound program, plastic barrels, ropes, sound, 3.82 yd x 6.01 yd x 1.09 yd. Detail. Photography: Jens Ziehe. Courtesy Gallerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin.

Formula: Marionette VI, 2012, Emblematic sculpture and performance, painted revolving wooden walls, cardboard, screen printing on paper, photography, aluminium anodized, various mixed materials, 16.4 yd x 13.12 yd x 6.56 yd. Sprengel Museum, Hanover. Installation view. Photography: Andreas Eckenberg

Dynamic Template I, 2016, Emblematic sculpture and performance, metal powder-coated, wood painted, textiles, tension belts, aluminium balls, 10.93 yd x 6.56 yd x 3.28 yd. Polansky Gallery, Praha. Installation view.

Concrete Opera: The Dove, 2019, Emblematic sculpture, text and live music performance, concrete, 3 stages, prints on aluminium, choreography, contemporary music compositions, 32.8 x 21.87 x 16.4yd. Urbane Künste Ruhr (Ruhrtriennale 2019), Bochum. Design and graphics: Suse Weber