Rachel Foullon (b 1978, Glendale, New York) has exhibited at University Art Museum, University at Albany, NY. Group exhibitions include Sculpture Center, NY and Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, OK. Awards and commissions have been granted to the artist by NYFA, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Public Art Fund, Grizedale Arts/Wordsworth Trust, and the International Residency and Workshop at IUAV, La Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy.

Rachel Foullon lives and works in Los Angeles.

Commensurate with modern progress, 2010, Canvas, Inland Red Cedar, dye, stain, sea salt and hardware, 156 x 192 x 17 inches (dimensions variable)

Cluster (Commensurate with Modern Progress) 2012, Existing sculptural component (2010), dyed canvas, sea salt, hardware, manila rope, plastic E-collar, on cedar peg and molding. 125 x 28 x 15 inches

Cruel Radiance (Flails-Couple), 2013, Antique flails, stain, polished stainless steel, dyed and pleated linen, hardware, 86 x 60 x 2 inches

Threshold (braid - strawberry chain), 2015, Polished nickel plated brass, Western red cedar, cotton, drawcord, stain, dye, hardware, 59 x 15.5 x 5 inches

Double Gate, 2015, Wood, MDF, hand-dyed canvas and hardware, 152 x 60 x 4 inches

All images: Courtesy The Artist