Franziska Lantz is a Swiss artist/ musician born in Switzerland. Lives and works in London. Recent exhibitions include: Sculptural Sounds: Laura Buckley and Franziska Lantz, Zabludowicz Collection, London, UK (Performance) 2017, Driftshift, live at Compositional Construct as a part of Unconscious Archives Festival, Cafe OTO, London, UK (Live Set) 2017, Swiss Art Award, Basel, CH, 2017, Pane Per Poveri, Latraac and Boiler, Athens, GR 2017.

Franziska Lantz, Performance, Crossing Arid Zones, 2017

Franziska Lantz presented at Condo by Supportico Lopez at Rodeo, London 2017. Installation view. Image: Supportico Lopez/Rodeo

Franziska Lantz presented by Supportico Lopez at Rodeo, London 2017. Detail


Franziska Lantz, Paths of Entry and Escape, 2017, Swiss Art Awards, Basel. Installation view. Image: Supportico Lopez